Pictured with his sister, Jacki-Lyn, Uncle Bill and brother, Bob

Power skating recital
Jason's parents put his first pair of skates on him at the age of one. He was a determined child from a very young age. As his mother quotes, "Jason ran before he could even walk!"

At age 4, he was enrolled in Learn-to-Skate programs where he paraded around the ice surface dressed up as a Leprechaun or a Canadian Mountie for numerous skating recitals. Power skating was in preparation for hockey as Jason didn't want to be one of those little kids who needed a hockey stick just to be able to stand on the ice. ("Ankle burners" as we call them.)

Throughout 6 years of hockey, Jason was always one of the fastest skaters on his team….but lacked in stick handling skills. But big dreams of the NHL were not high on his list of priorities anyways. Hockey was only a temporary "transitional" activity for Jason. After seeing his sister come home with many speed skating medals Jason was inspired to go out and do the same.

After trying on some spandex tights for the first time at age 11 and agreeing that he "didn't look that bad in it," Jason's speed skating career was off and running!

Jason skated his first race in grand style, falling 4 times and coming dead last. This only made him more determined to keep going and prove that he could stay standing up for a straightaway and whole corner.

Jason improved rapidly and went to his first Canadian Championships by the end of his first year. He almost won the Championships too! Jason had found his calling!

Success came fast within the next few years leading up to making the National team. Almost every year, Jason would tabulate numerous Provincial and/or National records. In 1994, Jason became the Canadian Champion and was named to the Junior National Team. The following season, his crowning achievement came at age 19 during the 1995 Canada Winter Games when he won 4 Gold Medals and set 4 Canada Games Records (still standing).

Transition period.

Early Beginnings.
Birth Place:


Best Times:

May 13, 1975
6'1" (185cm)
182 Lbs (82kg)
Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada
The Melville Speed Skating Club
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Long Track Speed Skating
Middle Distance Specialist
(1000m, 1500m, Team Pursuit)
12 years on National Team
65 World Cups
10 World Championships
1 Olympic Games
Neal Marshall
500m: 36.29
1000m: 1:09.39
1500m: 1:45.43
3000m: 3:47.82